Amelia Player lives and works in the heart of Staffordshire. Drawn to the countryside, this often provides the subject and colour template for her unique works. Amelia's products have a very distinctive style and the key to her products success is the beautiful designs that have  a very English touch to them.


In 2009 Amelia was asked to join a world renowned gaming company, where she went on to lead her own Art studio.

She continued her successful career until 2016 when she lost her Father and decided to pursue her dreams of producing and selling artwork.

Amelia turned her dreams and passion into the successful business Amelia Player and kept her maiden name for the business as a tribute to her Father. Amelia attends shows and often demonstrated her artwork which proved successful and encouraged her to expand the range.

Amelia is a advocate for confidence through creativity and often attends talks and schools encourage children to pick up a paint brush or pen and draw.

In 2016 Amelia was approached to illustrate the book "My boxful of Adventures"  which has now gone on to be published During this time Amelia married and had a Son and continues to push her business to grow from strength to strength.